kendall (indiefire) wrote in skank_pants,

skank pants material?


-Name: Kendall Paige
-Age: 14 (15 in May)
-Where you live: Australia
-Status: Boyfriend-ed =)

-5 favorite bands: hole, garbage, killing heidi, foo fighters, magic dirt
-5 favorite movies: thirteen, the butterfly effect, dirty dancing, white oleander, the craft
-your favorite song lyric: "oh make me over, i'm all i wanna be"
-favorite ice cream: boysenberry
-your favorite thing in the entire world: goats =p

-2004 election: if only i was american, but i'd say even though hes a shithead, bush should have won.
-gay marriage: yes way
-martha stewart: umm.. she has a tv show. who?
-avril lavigne: try-hard. very pretty though

-why do you think you are skank pants material? well i am very outgoing and have red hair and skank is a word often used to describe me, though i seriosuly don't know why.
-how hawt is ur mod? super-hwat. ha hawat =)
-Promote in one place and prove it:
-3 pictures of yourself:

thanx =p awesome community xx
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sif you are a skank...

wanna hook up sometime?
why not sexeh ;) xx
+opinion on gay marriage

-- you would've voted for bush. yeesh.

still, i vote yes.
++++++++red hair. cuz thats my hair color now. ♥

-----bush sucks.
but since your hot.


awww thanx thats awesome! ok well i take it back about bush, i really have no idea. well i'll sit on the fence..except if its jagged and painful, you know the fences with the spikes? owch. xx