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-Name: alli
-Where you live: pittsburgh
-Status: single :(

-5 favorite bands: Gc,Mest, SoCo, switchfoot,simple plan
-5 favorite movies: say anything, life as a house, SFW,grind, jackass
-your favorite song lyric:I never conquered, rarely came16 just held such better days
-favorite ice cream: chocolate chip cookie dough
-your favorite thing in the entire world: music/writing it

-2004 election: dont care
-gay marriage: love it, toally support it
-martha stewart: she should be in jail for what she did
-avril lavigne: love her music, love to sing it

-why do you think you are skank pants material? cause i just know i am,
-how hawt is ur mod? so hot you can feel it from 10 ft away
-Promote in one place and prove it:
-3 pictures of yourself:look at my myspace profile
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