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Skank Pants Material?


-Name: Adam
-Age: 19
-Where you live: Pennsylvania
-Status: single..but waiting..

-5 favorite bands: fall out boy, international noise conspiracy, taking back sunday, the ramones, hot rod curcuit
-5 favorite movies: american beauty, labyrinth, grosse point blank, resivoir dogs, cinderella story
-your favorite song lyric: watch me fall.. and you push me over<- one of my bands.
-favorite ice cream: mint chocolate chip
-your favorite thing in the entire world: kissing<3

-2004 election: ive definately registered. im definately voting. my opinion definately counts. i think both parties are a crock of shit. and no man will run this country right. i think we need a woman...
-gay marriage: wonderful. should be legal anywhere. who says you can marry who you cant marry who you love? im bisexual and if im in love with a man and want to marry him then damn well nothing aint gonna stop me. not even the government
-martha stewart: hahah! i laugh at this question! martha stewart hmmm.. shes a cheat and a coruppt woman involved with the stock market... no different from a man on wall street.. shes become the opposite sex... grosss..
-avril lavigne: im not a big fan of her music.. her new album speaks to new heights though and i think she is a total knockout and a half x 10! wow... shes gorgeous!

-why do you think you are skank pants material? because im a total skank and heather knows it!
-how hawt is ur mod? dude... heather is the hottest thing from the sun! god damn... sizzle
-Promote in one place and prove it: it is done... http://www.livejournal.com/users/xwoundedxsoulx/
-3 pictures of yourself:

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