watchxyouxchoke (watchxyouxchoke) wrote in skank_pants,

Skank pants material?

-Name: michele
-Age: 18
-Where you live: long beach, ca
-Status: you mean, like, relationship status?  i have an amazing boyfriend <3

-5 favorite bands: brand new, taking back sunday, fallout boy, matchbook romance, a static lullaby
-5 favorite movies: murder by numbers, frailty, heavyweights, emperors new groove, SLC punk
-your favorite song lyric: "so wear me like a locket around your throat, i'll weigh you down, i'll watch you choke... you look so good in blue"
-favorite ice cream: hmm.. i'm gonna have to go with cookies and cream on this one.
-your favorite thing in the entire world: auh, i'd say cats.  yep.. cats.

-2004 election:  Bush.
-gay marriage:  perfectly fine.  it's their business, leave it alone.
-martha stewart: i don't think i could care less...
-avril lavigne: can't stand the douche.

-why do you think you are skank pants material? hmm.. because kyle vidovich is one of my bestest friends EvEr
-how hawt is ur mod? SOOOOO hot.
-Promote in one place and prove it:  beanagirl
-3 pictures of yourself:

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