~tell all your friends~ (meunthebeach9) wrote in skank_pants,
~tell all your friends~

skank pants material?

-Age: 18
-Where you live: cali-for-ni-a

-Status: verrrry taken

-5 favorite bands:
taking back sunday, dashboard confessional, story of the year, metallica, NoFx
-5 favorite movies: Big Fish, Butterfly Effect, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Lord of the Rings, and i guess the Matrix
-your favorite song lyric:"broken down in bars and bathrooms, all i did was what i had to. dont believe me when i tell you its just what anyone would do.."
-favorite ice cream: moooose tracks!!!!
-your favorite thing in the entire world: lol, like you had to ask me that? Heather

-2004 election:
bush..sorry, i just think kerry's a complete moron..he doesnt know where he stands, soo..eh..if there was a stronger candidate, maybe i'd vote for him
-gay marriage: here we go..everyones gonna hate me, but oh well...im personally opposed to it. i just think that marriage is between a man and a woman, and nothings gonna change that
-martha stewart: i think shes annoying, sure..does she deserve to go to prison for what she did? umm..i dont think it was necessary..but, oh well. lol, im not complaining
-avril lavigne:shes cute..i like her music..i have some of her old stuff on a few of my CD's

-why do you think you are skank pants material?
beacause i am hottt shit!!!
-how hawt is ur mod? beautiful beyond words
-Promote in one place and prove it:http://www.livejournal.com/users/just_ali_grl86/79247.html?view=183439#t183439
-3 pictures of yourself:

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